Biofish’s privacy declaration

Biofish has updated its processing of personal information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is designed to be a common framework for data protection laws in the EU, as well as clarifying the rules on transparency around companies’ processing of personal data. The new Norwegian privacy law will incorporate the new requirements.

The purpose of the Personal Data Act is to protect against the violation of privacy.

This declaration applies to Biofish AS referred to as Biofish.

The purpose of the declaration is to provide information about why and how we process your personal data, what information we process, who is responsible for the processing of your data, how we protect your privacy and.

We process personal data in order to meet the terms and conditions in our contract with our customers. We also process personal data collected through our website. This is to provide better service online.

Executive director Torbjørn Skulstad of Biofish is responsible for ensuring that the company’s processing of personal data takes place in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

As a registered customer, you have the right to knowledge about what personal information we store and handle in our systems and you have the right to claim incorrect information corrected or supplemented. You also have the right to request to have your personal data disclosed or deleted. Deleting information assumes that it does not conflict with other laws, such as retention of accounting information.

When you visit the website we record information about your IP address and how the site is used. We also record the information submitted by the user. You can read more about this under “How do we use cookies and scripts?”.

Examples of what we collect are:

  • Information regarding the use of services. This applies, for example, to location and web traffic data using activity logs and basic information about what kind of device you use when you visit our websites. The information we collect include: date and time, operating system and browser you use, IP addresses, screen size and the like.
  • Other information about the use of services, such as data collected using cookies when visiting our website.

Should any other information be collected, we will inform you of what information we collect and what the information may be used for followed by your consent.

We use cookies and similar technologies (often called pixels) on our website. The cookies give us insight into the visitor’s pattern of usage, as well as how many visitors have visited the site.

  • Service development: Cookies help us monitor the use of our digital services. We use this information to improve our services. Among other things, we receive information about which websites are visited the most, whether the user comes from a link click outside our website, whether they click further, and how long users remain on our websites. We log the time you spend on our pages, but this information is anonymized. We also monitor how far down on the page you scroll, as well as where you point and click with your mouse pointer.
  • Usage Analytics: We use cookies to collect information about the number of visitors to our websites.
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar

In some cases, we are required by law to disclose your personal data, for example to law enforcement or tax authorities.

The information you share with BioFish will also give partners access to the internal framework of this privacy statement in order to give the best opportunity to serve its customers. We separate between anonymous information (Biofish does not have access to who the user is) and individual information (Biofish knows who the user is).

Biofish use the following third parties:

Individual information

  • Email and telephone number is used in ordinary communication with clients. Regular email is not encrypted, so be aware not to sendt confidential information through this channel.

Anonymous information

  • Google Analytics is used in order to analyze traffic on the site. All information is anonymous.
  • HotJar is used in order to improve the user experience. HotJar register activity from users on the side and present them as heatmaps og videoclips from the session. This service is only shown to already existing information on the site and entry of new information is hidden.

Access to personal data is granted only to people with tasks that require this. Biofish has data processing agreements with anyone who processes personal information on behalf of Biofish.

With your consent, cookies will be stored on your device to enable the collection of anonymized statistics and history. This data will be stored in our or third-party systems for the lifetime of the Service. This means that generic information about the use of websites and newsletters is stored until the website or newsletter is discontinued. This is information that cannot be associated with you as an individual. Cookies are stored for as long as you wish. This is controlled through your browser. You can remove cookies in your browser at any time.

If you have previously given your consent and wish to withdraw it, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

I want to withdraw my consent.

Please note that you must delete existing cookies in your browser if you wish. Below you will find links to instructions for the most frequently used browsers.

If you wish to access the personal data Biofish holds about you, or would like to have information about you corrected, disclosed or deleted, please contact us here.

We may need to update the Privacy Declaration over time. We do this if our operations and services develop, while also having to follow the data protection authority’s rules. We encourage you to check regularly if there have been any updates on this page.