‘BioFish is located in beautiful Hardanger with an endless supply of fresh air and clean mountain water.’

BioFish AS  was established in 2016 after the acquisition of an on-land fish farming facility with a flow through system, located in Kvam Municipality, Hordaland. Since the acquisition, BioFish has upgraded the facility to a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Today, we produce smolt (young adult salmon) up to approx. 500 gram and sell them to fish farmers that farm the smolt up to adult size (approx. 5 kg).

BioFish is currently expanding their capacity by developing a new section to the facility that will increase yearly production and sales volume from approx. 150 ton/year up to approx. 2.200 ton/year.

Located in Kvam municipality, along the Hardangerfjord.

Access to both fresh water from nearby lake and saltwater from the fjord.

Ideal water temperature of approx. 10-14 °c in the Hardangerfjord saves electricity costs of regulating the water temperature and facilitates a high growth rate.

The Group

Established in 2016 after the acquisition of the smolt farming facility. Since the acquisition BioFish has invested approx. NOK 130m in RAS-technology. RAS allow the company to regulate environmental factors in the produciton and eliminates the risk of salmon lice. The current RAS-facility consists of a hatchery, feeding station, on-growing station and vaccination station.

Production of smolt up to approx. 200 gram before selling the fish to fish farmers that grow the smolt up to adult size(approx. 5kg). Ten employees working on the facility. BioFish has a license to produce 2.5m smolt / year and BioFish is granted extension up to 5m smolt/ year.

Passion for the company and for the products is the key to success. That’s how BioFish is and the staff can make a difference.

BioFish is committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges that the seafood industry meets.
Social responsibility and sustainability are important at all levels within our area of affairs and are an integral part of the company’s culture.