Our Story

Sustainability from day one

BioFish was established in 2016 and is based on the filosophy of circular economy and sustainable fish farming. We are a Norwegian independent producer of smolt located in Hardanger at the Norwegian west coast. Here we have almost 40 % of Norwegian fish farmers within one day of transport. In beautiful Hardanger we have access to the cleanest freshwater from the nearby lake and unlimited fresh seawater from the fjord.

Our land-based production facility consists of a hatchery, feeding station, on-growing and vaccination stations, producing smolt and post-smolt in closed-containment systems (CCS). The production facility uses a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) which recycles at least 99 % of water used.

In 2021 we are finalizing new production facilities with RAS technology built to reach 2 200 tons of annual production.

Close to the Biofish facilities you find Steinsdalsfossen which is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway.


Background and Track Record

  • BioFish acquired an on-land fish farming facility in Ljones from Green Salars bankruptcy estate
  • Since the acquisition BioFish transformed the facility to a profitable recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)

Investments and growth plans

A = Existing 2,000 m2 RAS facility
B = Existing hatchery and office space

0 = Completed growth-out tanks including all water filtering, pumps and technical room for complete facility

1 = Use of proceeds: Grow-out tanks under construction, to be completed

2 = Use of proceeds: New RAS facility replacing current flow-through tanks

X = Future opportunity for expansion for facility to up to 10,000-ton p.a.


Management and board of directors in BioFish.


Torbjørn Skulstad
Executive Director

+47 48 38 15 46

Ole Fredrik Skulstad
Managing Director

+47 90 73 95 30

Board of directors

Torbjørn Gjelsvik
Chairman of the Board
Torbjørn Skulstad
Board member

+47 48 38 15 46

Jens-Julius Ramdahl Nygaard
Board member
Bent-Are Brunes Ratvik
Board member
Tor Haldorsen
Board member

Branding assets

Logo sets for screen and print (AI, PNG and SVG).