Reference is made to the warrants (the “Warrants”) issued by Biofish Holding AS
(the “Company”) from placements in 2023, and the notice on 12 January 2024 in
connection with the commencement of a second exercise period (the “Second
Exercise Period”), during which holders of Warrants could subscribe for new
shares in the Company at a price of NOK 1.10. The Second Exercise Period ended
yesterday, 12 February 2024. Based on a preliminary count, the number of
Warrants exercised in the Second Exercise Period will be 13,382,730. An update
will be provided as soon as the new capital has been registered with the
Norwegian Registry of Business Enterprises. Remaining Warrants may be exercised
during periods each half year until their expiration in January 2026.

Primary insiders or related party of primary insiders have exercised the
following number of Warrants:
– Ole Fredrik Skulstad: 950 000 warrants
– Odfjell Land AS (related party of Board member Kjetil Grønskag): 4 000 000

Ole Fredrik Skulstad owns 2,630,964 shares, representing 2.59% ownership in
Biofish Holding AS, after this transaction.

Odfjell Land AS owns 12,734,686 shares, representing 12.52% ownership in Biofish
Holding AS, after this transaction.

For more information please contact:
Sondre Johnsrud, CEO +47 975 79 321